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Tlaquepaque Village

No speakers cancels public call

The call to the public portion of Sedona-Oak Creek School District regular public meetings is written into each meeting agenda in order to allow members of the community to address the Governing Board and superintendent, yet on Monday, June 22, the board moved into the…

As fiscal year nears end, numbers look up

The city of Sedona recently released its tax report for the month of April.

The report continues to show - as has been the case the last several months - that the city is recovering from the national economic recession with numbers that now exceed 2006-08 numbers.…

Many trails ridden; many more to ride for Davis

Having lived in Sedona for the last two years, it's anyone’s guess how much more time will pass before Tricia Davis' itchy feet propel her to a new city, a new adventure.

"I came from Scottsdale via Ogden, Lynchburg, Montrose, Tucson, Santa Fe, Charlottesville, North Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Livingston and many many more towns," Davis said. "Growing up, I moved a lot. My parents were immigrants from Ireland and settled in Canada when I was born. I feel pretty lucky to have been raised feeling comfortable in new situations and with a love of exploration of new places."…

Early summer night’s film at Fisher Theatre

The Sedona International Film Festival will join theaters around the world in presenting the big-screen premiere of Julie Taymor's critically-acclaimed stage version of Shakespeare's iconic comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The production will show in Sedona on Sunday, June 28, at 4 p.m. at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre.…

Fascinating story of The Who’s managers

The Sedona International Film Festival will present the Northern Arizona premiere of "Lambert & Stamp," a new documentary featuring a look at the music icons behind the phenomenon that became The Who. The film will show Monday, June 29, at 4 and 7 p.m. at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre.…

Thompson is humane society’s new alpha

July 1 will see a new executive director at the helm of the Humane Society of Sedona.

Mark Thompson, who has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree, is the former director of strategic programs for the Found Animals Foundation, a nonprofit animal welfare organization in Los Angeles.…

Taylor navigates New Horizons to photograph Pluto

One of the furthest reaches of our solar system is just now coming into focus.

NASA's spacecraft New Horizons is zooming toward Pluto for a flyby that will give mankind the first detailed images of the dwarf planet. It is expected to arrive on Tuesday, July 14.…

Children read to cat at library

As they stepped into Sedona Public Library's Children's Room on Thursday, June 18, customers were slightly shocked to find a black cat named Lena stretched out on a blanket - utterly calm, apparently blissed out by the sound of a child reading to her.…

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