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When running for office, don’t yell at voters' children

During election season, voters are used to seeing candidates doing dumb things to win office. Stupid comments, gaffes and awkward videos go viral and guillotine campaigns. But at least such foolishness doesn’t happen in our Arizona Congressional District 1 — until Wednesday — when Arizona…

Slide Fire exhibition shows how we turn tragedy into art

This weekend, the Sedona Arts Center partnered with the Rotary Club of Sedona and the Rotary of the Red Rocks to show even tragedy can be reclaimed as art.

The clubs and the arts center unveiled a temporary exhibit, The Slide Fire Story, which we previewed on our front page on Friday, July 11, and feature in today’s newspaper.…

Every single vote matters, especially in local elections

In previous years, Sedona City Council elections would kick off in March and conclude in May. The council election was also divorced from other ballots, meaning Sedona voters had one campaign on which to decide.

This year, thanks to changes implemented by Arizona state legislators, almost all elections have been moved to November, meaning local elections are on the same ballot as national races.…

Response to flood warnings seems to outweigh real risk

Some 2,600 years ago, a Greek author penned short moral tales, making it easier for his mainly illiterate nation of sailors, farmers and herders to pass along common sense wisdom to their children.

We still know his name — Aesop — because after all those centuries, the universal wisdom of his stories is still relevant and worth reciting.…

The experiment in freedom is why we celebrate July 4th

While the Declaration of Independence established our nation in 1776, it did not immaculately conceive the country we know today. The formation of our founding documents were the product of fervent debate, petty squabbles and grand compromises.…

Republic’s question convolutes two very different wildfires

Last week, The Arizona Republic featured a front page story asking “Has Yarnell Hill Fire changed way crews fight fires?” with a file photo of the recent Slide Fire burning in Oak Creek Canyon.

As an editor who spends most of my time designing the pages in our publications, my initial thought was someone at The Arizona Republic had screwed up and picked a file photo from the wrong fire.…

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