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Tlaquepaque Village

Station 6 opening is final chapter in long Sedona saga

Take note, nonprofit organizers and all those who host community events in Sedona, the key to a high turnout is free pancakes.

That bit of wisdom comes courtesy of the Sedona Fire District, which used the flat batter breakfast staple to bring out more than…

Our annual publication celebrates Lifestyles of Sedona

What does it mean to be a Sedona resident? What defines the lifestyle of a Sedonan?

Each year, Sedona Red Rock News attempts to answer those questions with the publication of our annual magazine, Lifestyles of Sedona, and each year it’s a new adventure.…

Take stock of what you do to lessen your footprint on planet

Our annual Green publication, which is included in today’s edition, highlights ways residents of Sedona and the Verde Valley can lessen our impact on the Earth through the efforts of local businesses and nonprofits.

Recycling is pervasive at all levels in our country, but that has only been the case for several decades.…

Permits required for private business use of public lands

On the front page of our April 16 edition, senior reporter Ron Eland covered fines the U.S. Forest Service imposed on a local business that illegally operated in the Coconino National Forest.

Part of the complaint came from damage the business caused to the natural resources by lighting fires in a canyon. The other part of the complaint stemmed from the business’ operation on public lands without a permit.…

Earth Day spreads worldwide but still needs our support

After Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969 due to heavy pollution that flowed downriver, our nation rallied to protect the Earth.

The first Earth Day in 1970 attracted an estimated 20 million to celebrate. Back then, Lake Erie was dying and sewage plants, refineries, steel plants and paper mills in the Rust Belt threatened to choke off all the other Great Lakes.…

Lunar eclipse gives an opportunity to contemplate future

On Monday, April 14, the Western Hemisphere was treated to a rare blood moon, a total eclipse of the moon as it passed through the Earth’s umbra, or shadow.

If the Earth had no atmosphere, the moon would be pitch black in the night sky as it passed through our umbra. However, because of our planet’s atmosphere, longer wavelengths of the sun’s light — i.e., reds in the color spectrum — refracts through it while shorter wavelengths — yellows, greens and blues — are deflected, meaning the moon is cast in a beautiful blood red.…

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