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With graduations around the Verde Valley taking place last week and school letting out for the summer, it’s time to announce my spring sports awards and congratulate all the teams on a job well done.

I’ll begin with my Team of the Year award, and…

An overwhelming sense of the let’s-just-rip-it-up-and-start-over mindset has haunted local head coaches in the past few weeks as the final sports season of the “old way” comes to a close.

Even coaches in off-season mode have tossed and turned, had a few nightmares and eventually…

I sit in my office at home, surrounded by sports memorabilia. Old team pictures, signed basketballs and baseballs, a “Godfather” poster and a few stacks of game film from this past season.

A few shelves of books written by great men on coaching basketball, along with many other sports-oriented books share the space as well. It’s a normal office — the type that might belong to any coach, or sports writer for that matter.…

America’s pastime had stadiums filled to the rafters on opening day. Brats are on the grill and $4 beer is flowing from the tap. What’s it all mean? It’s baseball season once again.

Sports fans will finally get a break from nonstop coverage of the greedy football owners’ network, or ESPN for those of you who care to wonder, and finally get to settle in and watch the boys of summer.…

While sitting in a comfy chair at a friend’s house in the Village of Oak Creek on Jan. 23, I watched the seconds tick away on the game clock in the NFC Championship game, realizing my team was finally going to the Super Bowl.…

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