The Sedona Hub is hosting an exhibit celebrating artists in the community who live without walls. The exhibit features visual art, jewelry, wood work and other creations.

A public music and spoken word concert will be held Saturday, March 18, at 6.30 p.m. The public is invited to join, meet some of the artists and purchase their work.

Our society is made up of people who live in a range of different conditions — from living in rural areas or the suburbs to residing in shared communal housing, large retirement homes or small apartments to the nomadic, traveling lifestyle, which eschews the traditional walls and roofs most of us choose. The reasons for this range of living conditions are almost as varied as the options themselves.

Creators — artists, story tellers, musicians — are found within every community no matter how loosely affiliated. This exhibit and concert shares the creativity of those who live less traditionally. The arts can be a meeting place to honor the artistic energy and the gifts this kind of lifestyle brings.

The concert allows performers to step into the limelight and share their words and music as their time and availability allows. The concert is not an open mic event, as the performers will be drawn from the Without Walls community.

The public is invited to enjoy the performances for a suggested donation of $10, and to meet with, support and share the other artistic offerings currently on display at the Hub, which is located at 525B Posse Grounds Road. The venue is open at a variety of times, with some of the artists working there as they also host the exhibit. Details are available at The art is on sale and all proceeds benefit the artists.

The Sedona Hub, as a community venue, is available to all who recognize the arts as a means to celebrate individuality while discovering commonality.