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When you say, “Sept. 11, 2001” those who are old enough to remember that day have different images and thoughts that come to mind.

While most may remember the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City or the attack on the Pentagon, Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, Pa., is often forgotten. On that flight, in which passengers and crew attempted to overtake the plane from hijackers, all 44 aboard died. It’s thought the terrorists had planned to crash it into the White House or U.S. Capitol.

Last year, the Sedona Fire District dedicated a piece of the Twin Towers that is now displayed outside of Station 6. Recently, SFD was given a piece of limestone — about a foot in length — from the Pennsylvania crash site of Flight 93. That area is now part of the National Park Service.

Sydnay Bowersox, a Somerset, Pa., resident who visits Sedona occasionally, helped secure the piece of limestone, which will soon be on display inside Station 6.

“In March of last year, I happened to be at the St. Patrick’s Parade in Sedona and saw the beam from the World Trade Center and knew it would be displayed at one of your stations,” she said.
“I was interested as I volunteer at the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, typing oral histories, greeting in a seasonal capacity, riding my bicycle on the inaugural ride last Sept. 10 to initiate the Flight 93 Memorial Trail, and doing whatever else is needed.”  

When Bowersox returned to Sedona in November, she got to see firsthand the Sept. 11 memorial at Station 6 and was impressed with the design and execution of the tribute to those who lost their lives.

“The gentleman there ushered me inside to view the showcase display,” she said. “I was very interested in all that was there, but disappointed that there was not a representation of Flight 93 although it had been detailed on the outdoor panels.”

So, she decided that something needed to be done. When returning home she talked with one of the park rangers and it was suggested that she contact SFD Chief Kris Kazian so he could officially request an item for placement in the showcase. The request was formalized and the piece of limestone, along with a certificate of authenticity from the Department of the Interior stating that the limestone came from the crash site, was sent to Sedona.  

“I am so pleased to facilitate this contribution to the Sedona Fire District in honor of the passengers and crew of Flight 93,” Bowersox said. “They are the reason and my motivation to enable the many visitors to continue to learn, remember and contemplate the events of that day.”

And as a Pennsylvanian, the site has an even more special meaning to her.

“Having lived in Somerset, which is very close to the site, I have been honored to have been involved in the formation of such a significant national park,” she said. “I have been a working part of the dedication of the memorial wall and plaza and the visitor center in recent years. Interest in this site is very dear to my heart and I am most happy to now have this continued in Sedona.”
Kazian said it’s an honor for the district to have received the limestone from the Park Service and appreciates the efforts made by Bowersox in helping them in obtaining it.

“This piece helps bring it all together,” he said in regard to the SFD memorial. “It will be put on display in the lobby along with a plaque paying respect to those who died in Shanksville that tragic morning.”


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