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It was a both a lesson in math and vocabulary during the July 19 Sedona Fire District Governing Board meeting.

Chief Kris Kazian updated the board on the number of calls each station saw during this past fiscal year.

In order to give a better sense of the true number, SFD included the “still district” figures as well as the overall number of responses by each of the district’s five stations. Kazian explained that in general terms if you were to put a fence around the designated coverage area of a station, that is a “still district.” But he was quick to point out that the district, in essence, is a team that assists other stations when they are on a call or in the event of a fire or accident when additional units are needed.

“When reporting the call statistics in the annual report, we have used the number of actual incidents that have occurred in that station’s immediate response area commonly referred to as their ‘still district,’” Kazian wrote in his report to the board. “We certainly know that each station responds to more incidents than what is in their still district. Multiple unit responses are required to certain types of incidents and other times, stations back up the other station for initial response when the still district unit(s) are unable to respond to an incident in their own area.”

Responses from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 include:

  • Station 1: The West Sedona station saw 1,866 still district responses while the station itself responded to 1,559 calls or 4.2 per day.
  • Station 3: This station, located in the Village of Oak Creek, had 1,383 still district responses but had 1,414 total responses or 3.88 calls a day.
  • Station 4: The Uptown station saw 583 sill district responses and 1,417 total responses or 3.34 per day.
  • Station 5: The Oak Creek Canyon station had 214 still responses and 260 total or 0.71 calls a day.
  • Station 6: The Chapel-area station saw 224 still district response call but 712 total incident responses or 1.95 calls per day. Station 6 has been getting a lot of attention by some people in the community, especially since talk of a bond began.

Kazian said even though only 224 calls were generated in that station’s still district, it served as a back-up to Station 3 hundreds of times as well as other stations in the district.

“This is a system developed so that they all interwork with each other,” he said. “It’s not correct to carve out one piece of the pie and say ‘look at that and here is what it [station] is worth or not worth.’ We’ve definitely seen Station 6 make huge impacts.”

Board member Corrie Cooperman agreed and added, “Years ago, when we were considering building Station 6, it was that fact that impressed the board — that it would provide quick service in the Chapel area but equally important they could get down to the Village when an engine is already on a call there.”


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