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For more than two decades, the city of Sedona has had a working relationship with various organizations that provide services to residents that the city may not.

This year’s awarding of five service contracts is taking a little more time than normal as the Sedona City Council evaluates the requests of each, as well as the recommendations made by a review committee made up of staff and residents.

During its meeting Tuesday, June 27, council approved contracts with three of the five organizations reviewed by the committee. Council awarded a three-year contract to the Sedona Community Center in the amount of $169,122 for the new fiscal year, which started July 1.

Verde Valley Caregivers received a three-year contract for $35,000 this year while Sedona Recycles got a one-year contract for $82,875. During the tentative budget adoption in late April, the council expressed a desire to further deliberate over the Sedona Public Library’s funding amount.

That topic will be discussed at a future council meeting. In addition, the Humane Society of Sedona has requested several contract modifications that will also require changes to the city code. It, too, will be discussed by council at a later date.

In order to be considered for a service contract renewal for Fiscal Year 2018, organizations with existing contracts were required to submit a new funding request. The organizations were asked to provide information about their financial condition, program and service levels, performance data and other justifications for their request.

Based on that information and interviews with representatives from the organizations, the committee made its recommendations. These are their findings, as well as the requested and recommended dollar amounts for each:

Sedona Community Center

The Sedona Community Center did not request a funding increase. The committee recommended continuing funding SCC at current levels of $165,000 and entering into a new three-year contract.

2017 funding: $164,997 2018 request: $165,000 Committee recommendation: $165,000

Sedona Humane Society

Per the request of the Humane Society, the committee is recommending a one-year contract. This request was made due to a lack of sufficient data for service levels, including number of animals housed and budget information such as cost figures for the various Humane Society programs and services.

Without this information, it was difficult for either the Humane Society or the Review Committee to determine what would be the most appropriate level of city support.

2017 funding: $48,678 2018 request: $57,000 Committee recommendation: $49,895

Sedona Public Library

Despite a much larger request from the library, the committee supported a funding increase of $100,000 annually, and a three-year contract, to help increase library programs and service levels for the community.

The committee recognized the benefit of having a nonprofit operate the library and the lower cost burden to the city under this model, rather than if it was a municipally owned and operated library.

The group supports the library’s desire to expand programs and services, but given the other competing priorities, could not justify an additional $262,000 annually or almost 66 percent increase in one year.

2017 funding: $393,932 2018 request: $656,160 Committee recommendation: $493,932

Sedona Recycles

The committee expressed concern about Sedona Recycles’ ability to sustain long-term financial viability based on their current business model.

The committee pointed to Sedona Recycles’ limited reserves, lack of equipment replacement funding and reduced work hours for full-time staff over the last few years as indicators that their current model is not financially viable or sustainable. As a result, the committee recommended that the city renew the contract for only one year at the requested amount of $82,875, pending a full review and development of a strategic business plan moving forward.

2017 funding: $72,000 2018 request: $82,875 Committee recommendation: $82,875

Verde Valley Caregivers

The committee recommended a three-year contract funded at the full request of $35,000. Committee members cited the small contribution relative to Verde Valley Caregivers’ total budget. At $35,000, the city would be funding approximately six percent of the total annual operating budget.

2017 funding: $25,450 2018 request: $35,000 Committee recommendation: $35,000


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