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The public will have two additional opportunities to hear what’s being proposed by way of Major Community Plan Amendments that include housing density, a hard cider business and a new parking lot.

The Sedona City Council will hold a special work session on Wednesday, Oct. 11, regarding these proposals. This meeting will be for discussion only and no public comment will be taken. Council will hold a public hearing on
Oct. 25 at which time a vote is expected to be take place. Public comments will be taken at that meeting.

When the proposed amendments were discussed last month during a Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing, it was nearly standing room only. The commission made its recommendations to council — recommending approval of three and denial of the fourth.

By state law, Major Community Plan Amendments are:

Considered once a year.

A substantial alteration of the city’s land use mixture or balance as established in the plan’s land use element. It is up to the city to develop criteria that meet this definition.

Subject to public participation procedures adopted by the City Council.

Required to be presented at a single public hearing in the same calendar year the proposal is made.

Required to be approved by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the council.

Initiated by the city or requested by the private sector.

Community Development Director Audree Juhlin said this year the city received more major amendment application requests than any other year since 1998. In the past 19 years, only nine Community Plan major amendment requests were processed; seven were approved.

“The decision of whether or not to approve an amendment is a legislative policy action left to the judgment and discretion of the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council,” she said. “As part of their decision-making process, a variety of factors are considered including how the proposal relates to the community’s vision, adopted plans, overall consistency with the Sedona Community Plan and public comment.”

The four proposed amendments include the following:

Sedona Hard Cider
Location: 145 Copper Cliffs Lane
Applicant: John R. Graham
Request: Major Community Plan Amendment to the Future Land Use Map from single-family low density to planned area.
Purpose: To allow for the production of hard cider within the existing buildings.
P&Z recommendation: 5-0 for approval

Multifamily high density plan amendment
Applicant: City of Sedona
Request: Major Community Plan Amendment to the text of the Land Use, Housing and Growth chapter.
Purpose: To create a multifamily high density designation allowing for more than 12 dwelling units per acre for development project that provide strategies for achieving housing diversity, affordability and availability in order to address local housing needs.
In terms of the city’s request, it stems from the lack of affordable housing in Sedona, which according to city officials, has become worse. To address this problem, city staff is recommending to increase the number of multi-family dwellings allowed per acre within Sedona.
P&Z recommendation: 5-0 for approval

Pinon/89A multifamily project
Location: 3285 W. State Route 89A
Applicant: Keith Holben, MK Company, Inc.
Request: Major Community Plan Amendment to the Future Land Use Map from commercial to multi-family high density.
Purpose: To allow for the development of a 45-unit apartment complex.
P&Z recommendation: 5-0 for approval

Son Silver West Parking Lot
Location: 1535 State Route 179
Applicant: Francis J. Slavin, Esq. and Heather N. Dukes, Esq.
Request: Major Community Plan Amendment to the Future Land Use Map from single-family low density to planned area.
Purpose: To allow for the development of a parking lot to serve the adjacent conditionally-allowed commercial use.
P&Z recommendation: 3-2 for denial


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