It’s hot.

According to Silver Bear, a local weather forecaster who’s compiled years of Sedona-specific data, temperatures were two degrees hotter than normal in June.

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THE MISSOULA CHILDREN’S THEATRE performed “The Pied Piper” play in two shows Saturday, June 23, at the Sedona Red Rock High School auditorium.

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Shotsie Gorman is a walking encyclopedia and an individual book of faith.

Though he hasn’t a degree to speak of, his persistent drive to find the correct answer or ask the right questions sends him on endless travels, whether awe-inspiring or disconcerting.


Last year, there were doves.

This year, there were doves and beetles. Rather, The Beatles.

Midway through the Thursday, May 24, commencement ceremony for Sedona Red Rock High School and Juniper Canyon, graduating seniors Katy Potter and Katie Fowler stood side by side and sang The Beatles’ “Hey, Jude.”


Three weeks after a heart attack, Sedona Police Chief Joe Vernier returned to work part-time Monday, May 21. Vernier smiled across a table at Sedona Airport Restaurant on Monday. Vernier’s appearance and positive attitude hadn’t changed, but his outlook on life had.

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Wednesday afternoon, with 21 students attentive in Sedona Red Rock High School’s freshman onlineexclusive.jpgphotography class, Sedona Red Rock News photographer Mal Cooper stood front and center open to question, comment and criticism.

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Sedona Women “Dames Who Make a Difference” spent all year helping others, then, for one day, they helped themselves.


“It’s not just a bunch of women getting
together to gossip.”
Joan Bankert,
Sedona Women member

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Grief is a powerful emotion capable of altering people for the better or the worse. One Sedona woman, Gayle Taylor, has used hers to chalk one up for the aspiring artists. Taylor, the executive director of the Sedona Arts Festival, established the Larry G. Taylor Memorial Fund to honor her late husband.

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