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The game within the game…you design the piece you will be as you move around the game board called Earth.  Are you a Goat, Scorpion, Water Bearer, Fish, Crab, Virgin, Lion, etc.?

Now keep in mind that the game board has already been created; stamped with its pattern. There seem to be parts that give off jackpots, property, and some that detain us or remove our freedom or cash. 

We play these games over and over.  We finish one and decide to play another, each go-round experienced in different ways from the past. We might pick up a puzzle and work on fitting the pieces into the already stamped pattern.

The game of life can be puzzling. There is so much to learn, know, and finesse. How does this fit with that? What is ‘the way?’ How am I doing? How are you doing?

Let’s start with what comes with this game. Those parts we have been given are beyond beyond. Think, taste, feel, run, see, regenerate, love. Yep, love and regeneration are eternal and truth. What I think, may be just my perception. What I taste may be just salty enough, while lacking salt to you. Something may make you feel different than another. We run at different paces and connection to how our hearts are running, and I may see the blue sky out the window while you see traffic.

Unlike those tangible games with all of each game’s parts included in the box, sometimes we miss out on receiving a part, or lose it, and have to emotionally, physically and spiritually learn how to get back on the path.

Unlike those tangible games, there is one way to win in the game of life, and that is to realize you are In a game but not Of the game. You can get frustrated during a game, and maybe lose your cash, property or freedom, but after all is said and done, after the game is over, you go back to your big screen TV and comfy couch, resting in bliss. In some cases, we literally start a go-round again.

If we can learn by signs, codes and ahas, then perhaps we can observe biorhythms and understand they are built in to the pattern of the earth game.

Where I see a bigger, longer picture from the language of the planetary motions, Psalms 19:3"The heavens declare the glory of God.  The skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech.  Night after night they display knowledge.  There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard."

The stars say, There is always a better outcome intended that we can know, co-create, and live within. You may ‘see’ it differently. Perhaps not open minded yet to investigate the ageless language encoded through divine time, to guide us and help us grow, which is also beautiful, and above us all of the time.

The heavenly motions are a game that we are meant to know and utilize, likely put forth from a bigger game, planets Always going round and round like a zodiac game board, and always uttering how to live in non-judgmental love with opportunities galore for regeneration, which is, perhaps, ‘the way.’

Speaking to our free will,… and our ears that listen, ease us on down the ‘road.’

You are meant to enjoy this game, understanding it with compassion from a higher view, remaining love as we regenerate to wipe off anything that isn’t seeing love as the ultimate intention perspective. 

Even if the times are bringing change. In the Age of Aquarius, it is about coming together to break down old systems and replace them with truth, brotherhood and utopia. Are we in this biorhythm to bring that about?

Some are part of the call and it is in the dna, let’s say.

For us, it means putting down the competitive sword and pretending we are dual. Who taught us how to ‘be’ in this big game? Forgive them for it wasn’t time to know. You may have noticed that being awake and conscious, taking self-responsibility, and being mindful are the new ‘way.’

Remember now: there is truly Only love and regeneration, so in fact we all want the same thing. It matters if I and you put down our righteous anger and simply get together, if even just in your greater perception; how I treat you comes from within my free-will chosen perception, even in the simplest way, and will come back as a personal mirror and collective global mirror.

We get what we gave. And it’s all in how we play the game. So starting this moment play the game in a new way. Have a different experience from the past ways of playing ‘the game,’ which may have been just minutes ago. There is a bigger picture.  Our game is within the game, that is within the game…of everlasting life.

Love from Rachel Star of Sedona

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