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The Sedona School Mountain Bike Club competed in its second race of the season at Pioneer Park in Prescott on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Big Park Community School sixth-grader Benjamin Wishnewsky secured the Team’s highest ever placing in its five year history, claiming seventh place in his two-lap race.

“It was a great event. There were no mechanicals and everyone was really happy with the outcome,” coach Eric Mace said.

Wishnewsky started in the back third of the pack of 60 competitors. Mace said that the team pre-rode the course, which paid off, providing the knowledge of the best area to pass riders.

Mace said that the sixth-grader has built up the stamina to pass riders on the uphill while having the skill to navigate the more technical parts.

The team also welcomed a new rider, Sedona Red Rock Junior High School seventh-grader Kalden Charrette. Charrette recently moved to the Sedona area from Colorado, where he had already spent time riding with his parents.

It was an overall success for a number of reasons, Mace said.

“Our first goal was for everyone to have fun and enjoy the day,” Mace said. “Then it was to make sure the bikes were prepared and didn’t break on the course.

“Race wise, to finish in the top half is where the expectation is at.”

Those goals were met without a hitch. The team showed up the night before and camped out, and stayed after too.
“We had a lot of support from the parents, helping to cook and provide snacks and things,” Mace said. “They’ve really stepped up this year, it’s nice to have them and being so supportive.”

The next race is on Saturday, Oct. 7, at Fort Huachuca, south of Tucson.

Race Results

High School Division

Cole Mace, Sedona Red Rock High School senior,14th place [three-lap race]: 1:28:42.20

Dakota Farrar, SRRHS freshman, 16th place [two-lap race]: 1:04:22.39

Cooper Barber, SRRHS sophomore, 28th place [two-lap race]: 1:05:36.01

Middle School Division [all two-lap races]

Matthew LeBlanc, Desert Star Community School eighth grader, 23rd place: 33:43.51

Kalden Charrette, SRRJRHS seventh grader, 18th place, 35:36.35

Kale Emerson, Sedona Red Rock Junior High School seventh grader, 63rd place, 54:44.08

Benjamin Wishnewsky, Big Park Community School sixth grader, seventh place: 35:17.53

Luke Shook, Home schooled sixth grader, 20th place: 40:23.18