In their first exhibition swim meet of the season the Sedona Swordfish got off the blocks in style with several first-place finishes against the Cottonwood Clippers, giving themselves the victory even though no team point totals were calculated.

“It was the first time the whole team swam together. We had a bit more talent out there than Cottonwood but the competition was there,” newly appointed Sedona Head Coach Brandon Hancock said.

At the Sedona Community Pool on Saturday, June 13, the Swordfish dominated the water over Cottonwood, recording 17 first-place finishes on the day.

swim-meet-6-19There were, of course, a few swimmers on the Swordfish team who took multiple first-place finishes starting with 13-year-old Laura Clark who took the top prize in the 100-yard individual medley with a 1:17.63 time and was first in the 50-yard backstroke event with a 35.37 mark.

Seventeen-year-old Tyler Gaviigan earned 40 points for his team after taking first place in the 100-yard individual medley with a 1:01.69 time and first in the 50-yard butterfly event with a 27-flat time.

Other multiple first-place finishers for Sedona included 18-year-old Erik Svensson who was first in the 100-yard breaststroke with a 1:12.32 time and first in the 100-yard freestyle event with a 56.46 time.

Seventeen-year-old Saman-tha Syvertsen was also a multiple award winner with a first-place finish in the 100-yard backstroke event with a 1:16.18 time and a 1:03.81 time in the 100-yard freestyle event, good enough for first place.

The only Sedona swimmer to take home all three first-place medals in their events was 11-year-old Sierra Robinson.

Robinson, who set a personal best time in all three events, took first in the 50-yard breaststroke with a 44.48 time, was first in the 50-yard butterfly with a 45.69 time and took first in the 50-yard freestyle event with a 33.85 time.

Other first-place finishes included 14-year-old Alexander Mayer who recorded a 42.28 time in the 50-yard backstroke event and, of course, 16-year-old Christopher Millar who claimed first in the 100-yard backstroke event with a 1:05.72 time.

Eight-year-old Jake Brown turned in the first top finish of the day in the 25-yard butterfly with a 46.56 time.

Then came 9-year-old Mary Brown who took first place in the 50-yard backstroke event with a 51.64 time.

Eleven-year-old Benigno Guadarrama had an excellent time in the 50-yard butterfly event with a 49.06 time, taking first place, while 14-year-old teammate Olivia Luyckx finished first in the 50-yard freestyle with a 30.78 time.

Other standouts at the meet Saturday include 12-year-old Christopher Gibson who finished second in the 50-yard backstroke with a 41.22 time and second in the 50-yard freestyle event with a 33.68 time.

Seven-year-old Delaney Crawford took home second place in the 25-yard backstroke with a 27.81 time while 17-year-old teammate Jacob Leo was second in the 100-yard breaststroke with a 1:24.00 time.

Other second-place finishes include Kathleen Millar who finished second in the 50-yard backstroke event with a 37.63 time and was second in the 50-yard freestyle with a 34.61 time, while teammate Kendall Peterson was second in the 25-yard freestyle event with a 21.22 time.

“This is a great group of kids we have here and a great swim program to back them up. I’m glad to be here in the Valley; I love it here and hopefully we can continue the success,” Hancock said.

Hancock took the place of previous Sedona Head Coach Erin Estes who will now be the assistant coach.

Next up for the Swordfish will be the Payson in the Pines meet Saturday, June 20.

This is a meet for first-year swimmers and should begin by 8 a.m. that morning.


Brian Bergner Jr. can be reached at 282-7795, ext. 131, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The city of Sedona in conjunction with the National Football League is applying a slight face-lift to the Posse Grounds Park patch of grass beyond the lower softball diamond outfield fence and turning it into a special place for young athletes to grow.

Construction began on June 1 on the field marked for football and soccer during the

past few years for American Youth Soccer Organization

clubs and Red Rock Youth Football games, and is scheduled to be completed Friday, July 31.

“This field renovation is a wonderful opportunity for our young and promising athletes here in Sedona to have a home field of their own,” Administrative Services Director for the city of Sedona Andi Welsh said.

For the field project, the NFL donated $25,000 and the city is pouring in some of its own money as well, to the tune of $25,839.53.

The $50,000-plus endeavor will elongate and widen the existing field to allow more room for football and soccer games this coming fall.

New bleachers, player benches, an electronic scoreboard, football and soccer goalposts are also being added.

The construction workers are also replacing all damaged sod on the multiuse field near the end zone areas.

As part of the irrigation system renovation, the project calls for a state-of-the-art on-site weather station and irrigation system controller which will accurately calculate the precise amount of water needed on a daily basis to keep the field looking good.

This controller will be interfaced with all the athletic fields at Posse Grounds Park and also Sunset Park to maximize water use efficiency and conservation.

“I can’t wait to see it when it is done. I think our athletes will be excited to have a newly built field they can call home, and this will hopefully help take our program to the next level,” Red Rock Youth Football President Scott Gilbert said.

The city is also spending $187,242.36 to completely renovate the restroom and recreation room at Posse Grounds Park.

f-ball-field-6-12-Along with an operational drinking fountain, the renovation will include turning the old restrooms into storage for the recreation room and adding storage for key stakeholders and users of the park facilities.

The project will add windows to the recreation room providing additional ventilation and natural light while wall mirrors for recreational programming use will be installed in the recreation room as well.

Electrical access will be created for the new multiuse field scoreboard as well, making it easy for those who have to operate it to keep things running smoothly.

“Although the field may be closed to the public for two months to allow the new sod to take hold on the field before our heavy late summer usage, we are excited about the positive improvements we are making to the park and will hopefully enhance the users’ experience dramatically,” Welsh said.


Brian Bergner Jr. can be reached at 282-7795, ext. 131, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A new craze has hit the streets of Sedona, or the pool that is, as underwater hockey is being offered by the Sedona Parks and Recreation Department at the Sedona Community Pool this summer.

Two teams of six, or three, depending on numbers in this newly offered sport, will take a dive deep underwater with hockey sticks nearly 1 foot long and a puck over 3 pounds in weight.

Along with all the excitement going on over by the softball diamond, the baseball field at Posse Grounds Park had a little excitement of its own Wednesday, May 27, as the Sedona Tigers defeated the Sedona Dodgers in a thriller, 10-7.

“We’ve played four games against these guys and we 10-runned them in the first one, then every other game after that was close,” Tigers skipper Scott Davis said.

While the last day of the 2008-2009 school year has come and gone, it’s time to look back and realize just how good the girls teams at Sedona Red Rock High were this past year.

In the 3A-West region, the lady Scorpions dominated almost every sport during the fall, winter and spring sessions and brought home some hardware to prove it.

A few years back, Sedona resident Scott Gilbert realized a perfect opportunity was upon him and he along with many other supporters began to work toward a mutual dream.

Three years later, the Red Rock Youth Football program is bigger than ever. This past weekend more than 40 local youth football kids participated in the second annual Red Rock Youth Football Clinic.

“This year we wanted to make it fun for the kids. We’re marketing any way possible and when you have so many kids new to the game of football, we needed to make sure the weekend was well worth it,” Gilbert said.

This season for the Sedona Little League softball teams should be an exciting one with numerous players willing to learn anything, including new positions, how to hold a bat, and how to pitch with that funky motion that comes with the game of girls softball.

Nearly 30 players signed up to play softball this summer for the Sedona Little League, fielding a coach pitch team and a minors team on the diamond this season.

The Sedona Red Rock High golf team looked better than ever on Monday, April 20, as they traveled to Prescott and played under the hot sun at Antelope Hills Golf Course, defeating two other opponents for a victory.

Sedona put together some of its best golf this season shooting a team stroke score of 338 to defeat Chino Valley High [370] and Maricopa High [414].

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